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What is the mission?

Since 2015 we have been building a partnership with Blessing Lives Guatemala to share our cultures and improve the lives of those less fortunate by bringing skills development and medical care to those who have very limited access in the remote highlands of Guatemala. Our goal is to promote a variety of community development and evangelism projects in Guatemala.

How do I get involved?

Each year different teams travel to Guatemala for 2-3 weeks to help with and support the ongoing projects. Join our teams by supporting us financially or by travelling to Guatemala.



Our goal is to expose people of all walks and ages to new ideas and skills that they can learn and develop, giving them the opportunity to turn these skills into future business ventures.


Our mission has given training and basic equipment to 5 young men to begin a beekeeping project. This was the first project started with this mission and is ongoing. The honey is sold locally and/or taken to the city where Mauricio, our Guatemala director, sells it.



An introduction to basic carpentry is given to eager students. Topics covered include measuring, marking, cutting, fastening, introduction to and care of hand and electric tools. A wood lathe was also purchased and instructions of its use were conducted.



This is a course introducing students to basic welding skills. The students are currently working on building a trailer for transporting goods on the narrow streets in town.


Soap Making

An introduction to making laundry and hand soap from local ingredients. Traditionally, certain plants in Guatemala were used in washing and cleaning which we have been able to incorporate into the course.


Small Business Training

In this course students learn the wisdom of thriftiness, saving, and investing those savings. We teach concepts such as interest, accounting, business types, supply and demand, microcredit, income and expenses and the management of money for profit.



The mission purchased 5 sewing machines on which basic sewing lessons are offered. The lessons concentrate on measuring, accuracy and ideas for simple projects that they can complete in a few days.


Medical Teams

We frequently send small teams of 5-6 people from Canada offering basic health consultations and giving out of the appropriate medical supplies. Working together with the local health authority is an invaluable tool for followup and validation of the work done by local nurses in the remote villages.


School Donation Project

Each year a different school is selected to receive an energy efficient wood burning stove. This event is highly anticipated by the whole student body as they eagerly present a program of singing and traditional dancing when the volunteers arrive. Each student is given a coloring book and crayons for them to take home and time is allotted to play with the children.



Introduction to baking cookies, cakes and other snack-type foods, as well as cake decorating. Students learn how to follow recipes and the use of gas stoves. Traditionally, Guatemalans have very little experience with baking as a concept, being limited by wood fire cooking techniques.

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Our Stories

“The Blessing Lives mission trip helped me gain a new and wonderful perspective especially because of the fact that I came to Christ during our visit in Guatemala. The love that I felt and the love that they had for the Lord was so powerful and incredible, I began thinking about my life. God has and still is blessing my life everyday with great opportunities to live my life for His grace.”

– Lisa W


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