Flooding in Guatemala

As some of you may know, two hurricanes hit the country of Guatemala in November. First was Eta and then Iota. In the town San Juan Cotzal, where our mission is working, there was a large amount of damage. Major roads had been blocked by landslides and thus preventing the people of Cotzal to leave and others from coming into Cotzal. People were evacuated from their homes to shelters set up by the municipality where they stayed safe. However, many of them lost their homes. Wendy, a young woman who works with the Blessing Lives mission, has lost her family home but fortunately they had their grandmothers home to escape to. This is not the case for many individuals in Cotzal. Despite all of this, the people of Cotzal continue to put their trust and faith in our great Lord God. They are an example to us! We pray that they will be able to stay safe and that they will soon be able to have a place to call home again.

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